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Seoul Seeking

If I had to describe Seoul as a film stock, it would have to be Kodak Gold 200. Not because I shot a lot of Kodak Gold 200 while I was in Seoul, but because the city was tinted in sepia..and romanticism. I think Seoul is the first city that I visited so far that I felt looked the most beautiful in color film.  Maybe it's the Seoul summer heat that gave the city a warm glow, but I've never seen a city that felt so alive yet aged with time. For me just being able to be in a different country, with my film camera, is already a blessing. Although it was only 5 days in Seoul, I already feel an attachment to the city..I think I would love to visit it a second time. There are so many beautiful traditional architecture, mixed with modern skyscrapers that I was not able to capture it all with my camera. 

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